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World’s newest destination, in sheer scale exceeding anything ever witnessed by Delhi NCR. And, as the greatest commercial development ever built in the center of a city , its epic ambition is unprecedented. Also unprecedented is our underlying key principle: consideration, an entire project shaped and managed by the dreams, hopes and aspirations of future citizens. Do you demand the purest drinking water and cleanest air? Eco-conscious power and hygienic sanitation? Convenient access coupled with trouble-free travel? Personal safety partnered by peerless healthcare? Soaring towers set among acres of leafy park? And every kind of residential space including smart branded luxury apartments and sumptuous penthouses? Wave City Centre rewards your greatest expectations in full, promising you a unique environment where commerce and investment prosper and a new kind of living experience, rooted in consideration, blooms. In Wave City Center, work and play, study and entertainment, bustle and peace, sport and shopping are balanced in perfect equilibrium. Welcome home.


Wave City Center rewrites all the records: covering 152 acres of prime real estate, it is the largest expanse of commercial land in the entire region. At 40 million sq ft of built-up area, it is also the most massive commercial development ever constructed in the center of a developed and fully functional city. And, then there’s the geographical location: the finest in Noida. Frankly, when you consider the close proximity of Sector-18, Noida, Wave City Center’s position is unbeatable. Combine our awe-inspiring statistics with the traditional property mantra: ‘location, location, location’, and you’ll easily understand the attraction to smart investors in Noida’s center (keen golfers should note that Noida Golf Course is a mere 2kms away). Wave City Centre is next to Sector 32 City Center Metro station and the extensive road system connects directly to Delhi, only 10mins away. And that’s why Wave City Center is best-placed to be the best place.

ELEGANTIA 2 BHK Serviced Residences

Prime location, world-class amenities and surrounded by all the fine luxuries of life. Wave City Center gives you the life you deserve and desire at ELEGANTIA. These limited edition 2BHK serviced concept apartments are available in convenient sizes starting from 1200 sq.ft. and are based on the international concept of downtown living. The ground levels are dedicated to high-street shopping whereas luxury suites find the top levels in the same tower. In the midst of the majestic infrastructure of Wave City Center, Elegantia is the best of downtown lifestyle in this part of the world, where everything is within 5 minutes walking distance from your home elevator including High-Street Shopping, Family Entertainment Center, Wave Mall and Cinemas, an Infinity Park and other recreational facilities.


Wave City Centre is about good living. Our prime consideration is the well being of our citizens, meaning environment is everything. One third of Wave City Center will be green. 6.5 tranquil acres is devoted to a beautifully landscaped INFINITY park designed by world renowned AECOM. We’re constructing a range of high-end residential assets which include multi-use commercial studio apartments, luxury residential apartments ,luxury flats(designed by some of the most sought after names in the design and fashion fraternity) and serviced residences. Over 90 lac sq ft are reserved for these well-set high-rise residential developments offering space, security and spectacular views. These homes will comply with the highest international standards. Wave City Center: the good life within easy reach.


Time is the biggest luxury in life. It is the biggest asset and the most recognized currency of success. For it is the successful who can afford the luxury of time and spend it on the finer things of life. Eminence Ultra Luxury Serviced Residences shall be the abode of such selected few. Located in the heart of Noida City within the grand Masterplan of Wave City Center, Eminence offers a collection of 240 limited edition residences, crafted and built to match your affluent personality. Eminence, is the desire, realization and experience of a bespoke life and a harmonious ensemble of design, architecture and luxury.


Multi-use Commercial Studio/1BHK Apartments.

Right in the middle of a city comes an opportunity like never before. Wave City Center brings you fully furnished studio/1bhk apartments, when ready, you can just walk in and set up a home, an office, a showroom or whatever else you please. Call 9999- 999- 237 and books your today!

The possibilities are infinite - Design studio, Layer's chamber, doctor's clinic, stockbroker's office, Art Gallery, Company serviced apartment, corporate guest rooms, gemologists and many more.


core of every prosperous city lies a prosperous business community. Our impressive collection of commercial offerings (premium office spaces,shops, built-up high-street shop condominiums and retail spaces in one of the biggest malls in India) will cover a substantial part of this one-of-a-kind project and will feature three towers of over 50 storeys, iconic LEED Gold certified structures set among landscaped terraces, broad boulevards, bright lighting, parking for over 43,000 cars and a fully-integrated BRT transport system. There will be approx. 90 lac sq ft of premium office spaces with centralized air-conditioning. Spacious interiors feature systematic floor-plans and state-of-the-art technology. Wave City Center will also have a wealth of cinemas and cool boutiques. Wave City Center: where business is truly a pleasure.


At a vast 2.5 million sq ft, our exceptional shopping mall is one of the most magnificent in India. Wave City Center is a powerful magnet attracting the planet’s biggest retail brands, all actively vying for our top spots and prime sites, fulfilling our intention for Wave City Center to become the leading shopping destination. In air-conditioned malls and extensive high streets, we’re creating India’s most sensational shopping experience offering the world’s leading names in toys and electronics, fashion and toiletries, all within easy walking distance. And, for exhausted shoppers, Wave City Center provides a universe of bars, cafes, food courts and restaurants, from basic to gourmet, to tempt palates and offer exceptional culinary experiences. Wave City Center: where retail therapy reaches a whole new level.


Wave City Centre is a global destination. Thoughtfully conceptualized to offer entertainment & hospitality options to all visitors, our innovative leisure facility will attract visitors from India & rest of the world. Guests will be welcomed with a broad range of accommodations from super-elegant 5 star to 4 star & business hotels and even a children themed hotel. Our hotels are flexibly geared to handle any function in any style, be it an intimate meeting or massive convention; a modest family celebration or blockbuster wedding. On the subject of blockbusters and stars, avid movie buffs will be able to stroll to a 10-screen Wave Cinemas boasting of latest releases, stunning sound and superb seating. And there’s plenty else to occupy leisure time for every age: a new world-class museum, a snow village, international class family entertainment centers, games, clubs, discotheques and water parks. Wave City Center offers the world a world-class welcome.


To everyone’s benefit, Wave City Center has entered a permanent partnership with nature. Our unbreakable pact refreshes the atmosphere, enhances the environment and delights our citizens. 30% of Wave City Center's surface will be dedicated to every variation of green. Boulevards, towers, offices and shops will be interwoven with trees, shrubs, lawns and flowers in parks, gardens and open spaces. There will be ample room to breathe and find tranquility. In fact, this huge expanse of green is currently being landscaped and designed by world renowned experts, AECOM. The two huge, sprawling Central Parks are being designed to provide the perfect setting for this world class city, which echoes the very same thought of “consideration” on which the city is built. Ecologically well-grounded, everywhere in Wave City Center is planned to be within easy reach of everywhere else, making walking the most efficient form of transport. Wave City Center is good for your health and every other facet of life.


Wave City Center is designed for walking. But, at the same time, it’s also been brilliantly designed for freedom from anxiety. Citizens can stride forward confidently owing to our efforts to ensure their health, wealth and security are well-protected. With renowned names like Fortis, Apollo and Max only 10 minutes away, your health is always in good hands. Wave City Center will be the safest in the country, protected by the state-of-the-art security system managed by world renowned consultant, ASERO from Israel. The city is patrolled 24 hours a day and super-smart CCTV technology monitors every strategic point throughout the entire complex. Automatic boom barriers can instantly restrict traffic access. Wave City Center inspires confidence with every step one takes.


Tune in to the healthy heartbeat of Wave City Center, the best place to keep fit and in peak condition. All our citizens, young, old and in-between are actively encouraged to tone their tendons, maximise their muscle power and get their pulses racing. And, to demonstrate our belief that exercise is indispensible to stress busting and robust health, we’re installing the most modern world-class facilities: gymnasiums, spas, swimming pools and tennis courts, fully equipped with the latest hi-tech equipment. But sweat is only half the experience. Following the glorious exhaustion of strenuous exercise, soothing spas will revive your tired muscles and relaxing treatments will restore your equilibrium. Brace yourself for Wave City Center: where every aspect of your health has been given due consideration.


Faster and cleaner. Safer and more silent. Wave City Center is interlaced with a (BRT) transport system, every aspect meticulously considered from passengers’ point of view, providing trouble-free travel. Citizens will never be further than a short walk from the Sector 32 Metro station. The extensive road system boasts of excellent connectivity to Delhi. Broad city boulevards will hasten traffic flow, conquer congestion & improve safety levels. With space for over 43,000 cars in City Center, parking will be simple and stress-free. And increased efficiency on major roads allows the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system to run frequent schedules on smart vehicles. All systems will be fully-integrated and constructed to function efficiently for decades. They’re all future-proof, designed to cope with anticipated increase in traffic volume. Consider Wave City Center: it’s on the move.


Wave City Center is on course to becoming the newest, greenest, cleanest, most sustainable city on Earth. We staked our claim by adopting LEED Certification, Gold Category, the world’s top standard, setting the sustainability bar at a daunting height for aspiring competition. Gold Category involves total commitment to energy-efficient appliances, energy renewability, rainwater harvesting and water recycling. We’re achieving all this by applying the most brilliant cutting-edge technology to both our buildings and infrastructure. Thanks to globally-acknowledged infrastructure experts AECOM, all our complex buildings are technologically smart, fully sustainable and extremely green in application of materials. And, to express our Green nature, we intend to be environmentally conscious in appearance too: a leafy 30% of area has been designated as parks, and green spaces, encouraging openness, biodiversity, fresh air and beauty. Can any other city compete with Wave City Center when no other city even comes close?


Welcome to Wave City Center, the commercial hub covering 152 well-connected acres in the heart of Noida, Sector 25A and 32. It’s NCR’s foremost development project and first ever to rise inside a city center. Our primary consideration? People. Their dreams and aspirations inspire our radical approaches to all matters: architecture and resources; easy walking to work; safer, quieter mass transport systems; jam-free boulevards; excellent education; cutting-edge medical care; clean air and green spaces. WCC is developing 40 million sqft of space in several blocks designated for residential (including fully-furnished, sumptuously appointed, premium serviced residences and multi-use studios) and mixed use commercial purposes. It promises an all-encompassing, benign atmosphere where life, commerce and investment intermingle and prosper, a new kind of living experience, firmly rooted in consideration for all.


Commitment in business lays down the very groundwork on which relationships and reputations are founded. Wave Group, formerly The Chadha Group, has made its mark today in diverse businesses by finding its core strength in innovation and commitment. The group has risen to every expectation of its customers, business partners and investors in its 40 years of existence. Today, the group has diversified its businesses under the flagship of Wave. Wave Infratech leads the real estate sector with a number of new residential and commercial projects along with world-class shopping centers and multiplexes. Its industries division, Wave Industries, is an established name with diverse businesses such as power plants, sugar mills, paper manufacturing and distilleries. This remarkable feat has helped in solidifying a trust that, in today’s world, is the most valuable attribute and a distinction that is truly rare.


"WAVE INFRATECH PVT. LTD." has always believed and subscribed for top most quality & customer satisfaction . There has never been any compromise with respect to quality of material and technologies used ,designs and layouts adopted . We at WAVE INFRATECH have a focused dedicated sales team which offers real estate solutions to our prestigious NRI clients. The team reaches out to NRIs in various regions by way of exhibitions, road shows and seminars and fulfils sales through our dedicated sales team. We understand the requirements of our NRI clients and provide real estate solutions which fit their needs. For further information please Contact Us .


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