A significant checklist before taking possession of your dream home

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mr. N. Suri received an email last month from his property developer that his apartment has completed construction and it is time to take possession. Mr. Suri however after moving into the house realized that his unit lacked many basic amenities and features that had been promised by the builder when he bought the apartment. The mistake that he committed is that he did not make a check of all the items before making the final move to ensure that everything is in place and as per the discussion at the time of buying the property. Below is a simple list that will help in preventing a common blunder that most first time home buyers make.
Check if the doors and windows are as per the layout plan discussed with you. Check if all the doors and windows are functioning properly or not? Also confirm if the glass windows are in proper condition and without any crack or space. In case the unit has slider doors and windows make sure that they are in a proper condition and operating smoothly. Make sure that the locks and keys are functioning in a proper manner to assure the safety of your home.

Check if the inner walls of the unit have been properly painted and if a double coat has been applied. In case the builder provided an option of designer wallpaper ensure that the same is not coming off from the edges. Exterior home paints should also be checked while taking possession of the apartment along with doors, windows and balcony grills.

Check to see the construction quality and for any cracks in the foundation, walls, pillars, ceiling etc. Also assure that the walls between electrical sockets are in proper condition and if there is any raise an alarm with the builder to fix the same.

Check if the drainage system is running smoothly in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony etc. and there are no clogging outlets due to the building material like cement, sand, wood blocks etc. Make sure that any drainage system problem is checked and rectified immediately. Also test that water should not get accumulated outside the doors and in the balcony area.

Check the size of the rooms by measuring it as sometimes the actual size differs from that mentioned in the layout either intentionally or as a result of miscalculation. It is a usual complaint by the buyers that a builder has diverted away from the actual layout plan.

The safety of you and your family is of utmost priority hence making sure if the builder has followed all norms as per the government rules and regulations is very important. Check the safety provisions and gadgets provided by the builder are in proper condition or not. Also check if the gas pipelines provided by the builder are in a proper quality.

Always check if the car parking is mentioned clearly on the documentation of the property. Also check if the size of the car parking can fit a bigger car so that it does not create any problem in future.
Check all the legal documents are in place like possession letter, no objection certificate, development agreement, blue print, letter of allotment, no dues certificate, sale deed papers, ULC certificate, power of attorney, Commencement certificate, receipts of payments made to builder, copy of title deed papers, search report etc.
In case of doubts always clarify the same with your developer or agent. For more details contact http://www.nofrillsdeal.com


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