Sunday, May 3, 2015

Each and every neighborhood or locality has its own charm and attractions. When my husband and I were looking for the perfect house for settling down, our number one priority was the neighborhood and surrounding area and locality. Though we do not have kids but as a future instance we wanted top-notch schools as well as a safe, welcoming and a healthy colony. If you are in the market for a new home, finding the right neighborhood is likely the most important component you will have to make besides choosing an actual home. It is a very arduous task indeed but gradually we realized that we are not the only ones in the league of this cumbersome task of finding the perfect locale. However this is not rocket science as you just need to sit down and take time to think that what is more important to you and what tempts you more in a neighborhood. Below is a checklist based on my experience of choosing a neighborhood that could suit your requirements as well.

Narrow down an area before the house search
Always choose an area before you start the home search. Narrow the quest down to one or two locales instead of wasting time and strength in looking all over the city. It is always better to select a particular location that is your hot favorite and once that is done you will be able to monitor the market in that specific area. It was actually a relief to settle on an area we loved and we were willing to wait until the construction of our apartment was completed.

Chat with the neighbors
Before buying the apartment, we had a chat with several nearby residents who shared the good and the bad about the area. They gave us a bit of history of the neighborhood. Although most of them would be reluctant in speaking to a complete stranger, however this is where your verbal skills will be tested. In addition to this a real estate agent can be serving as a very good guide to provide you details about a particular locale.

Do not compromise
No matter how splendid the house is, don’t settle if the area isn’t ideal. Even if it is luxurious but it’s all about — “location, location, location.” It is better to buy a house in the best and most desirable area and you won’t repent it in a lifetime as you can always change the house, but not the neighborhood! 

Get details about Schools and educational institutions and emergency services
For future instances in case you’re planning on having children, make sure you consider the schools in the neighborhood as well. Make sure they are at a convenient distance from the home and not miles away. Understanding whether emergency services are nearby may also be a critical decision. Also, there may be urgent cares or clinics that can be of assistance.

Safety checks                                  
Consider this factor as a priority and always check how safe your neighborhood to reside in. Have there recently been any crime reports flashing in the news? You can always use the internet as a very valuable source for such information for such investigation. In case you are talking to a real estate agent he can advise you as well on the same. Also check if the society has the provision of modern security features like CCTV cameras. I remember spending hours in front of my laptop inspecting and investigating every available news about the locale in which we bought our apartment. And we do not have any regrets today.

Take a stroll
A coffee shop, local shopping centers, banks, parks and other conveniences within walking distance is a winsome addition to owning your piece of the rock. Drive around the area and use your odometer to see how far the closest shops are or park is and take a walk to get an idea. You would not like to buy your home in a place where you would have to drive miles just to buy a bag of sugar!
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